Dr. Wulf Albach

Lawyer & Notary
Specialist in labor law
Specialist in corporate law

Attorney & Notary Dr. Wulf Albach is

  • Vice President of the Frankfurt/Main Bar Association (www.rechtsanwaltskammer-ffm.de)
  • Member of the Working Group on Labor Law of the German Bar Association (www.ag-arbeitsrecht.de)
  • Member of the Committee on Attorney Remuneration of the German Federal Bar Association (www.brak.de)


  • Year of birth: 1956
  • Studies: 1977-1982 in Bonn
  • 1st state examination: 1982
  • Legal clerkship: 1983-1986 in Hamburg with elective station at the then law firm Pritchard Englefield&Tobin, London
  • 2nd state examination: 1986
  • Doctorate: 1986 with dissertation on the topic “The one-man incorporation of the GmbH
  • Admission to the bar: 1987
  • Specialized attorney for labor law since 1994
  • Appointment as notary: 2000
    Specialized attorney for commercial and corporate law since 2006

Areas of specialization:

Since joining the firm, Dr. Albach has worked exclusively in the area of civil law. The focus of his work is on labor law and corporate law. In addition, Dr. Albach is also active in other areas of civil law (in particular: Sales and Contract Law, General Contract Law, Inheritance Law, Legal Fees Law).

In the field of labor law, he is active as a lawyer in all areas of labor law. Dr. Albach advises and represents both employers and employees.

In individual employment law, Dr. Albach advises and represents clients on all issues arising in employment law, in particular on the following questions:

  • Formulation and drafting of employment contracts before the start of an employment relationship.
  • Conflicts in the ongoing employment relationship (e.g. financial disputes, warnings, threats of termination).
  • Before and after notice of termination, advice on reasonable options for action/reaction, as far as possible always with the aim of reaching a reasonable amicable settlement.
  • As far as necessary, consistent representation in proceedings before the labor courts up to the Federal Labor Court. This applies in particular to representation in proceedings for protection against dismissal, here too as a rule with the discussion of reasonable settlement options.
  • Advice and representation in the same way on very similar issues of managing directors or other representatives of corporate bodies of companies or legal entities, especially with regard to the particularities to be observed here in comparison to employment relationships. Here his special knowledge of corporate law is of great advantage.

Dr. Albach is also active in the field of collective labor law, for example in the following cases

  • Advising employers and works councils on the rights and obligations of the partners (employer, works council) in the operational cooperation, in particular also on the participation and co-determination rights of the works council.
    Representation of the business partners in negotiations on works agreements/social plans.

A further main focus of his legal work lies in corporate law, inter alia, in the following areas:

  • Advice on the formation and termination of partnerships (civil law partnerships, limited partnerships and general partnerships) as well as corporations (especially limited liability companies and stock corporations), including the drafting of partnership agreements tailored to the individual case.
  • Amendment of existing partnership agreements, in particular in line with current legal developments.
  • Advice and representation of shareholders, but also companies in disputes among shareholders.
  • Questions of managing directors and board members regarding their rights and duties in their position as a body of the company they represent, but also regarding their rights and duties arising from their employment contracts.

In addition to these focuses on employment and corporate law, Dr. Albach represents clients in general civil and contract law. Due to his activities on the board of the Frankfurt Bar Association (www.rechtsanwaltskammer-ffm.de) (in particular as chairman of the fee department B of the Frankfurt Bar Association), but also due to his membership in the committee on attorney fees of the German Federal Bar Association, Dr. Albach has special knowledge of attorney fee law. He also represents and advises clients on questions of attorney’s fee law and represents them in disputes and lawsuits concerning attorney’s fee claims. As part of his work in the Fee Department B of the Bar Association, Dr. Albach regularly provides expert opinions on the appropriateness of lawyers’ invoices.

Dr. Albach is also active as a lawyer in the field of inheritance law. He advises on all matters of inheritance law and represents clients in disputes in this field.

As a notary, Dr. Albach is active in the entire range of notarial activities, with the following areas of emphasis:

  • Corporate law

In accordance with his legal activities in the field of corporate law, Dr. Albach is also active as a notary in this area. This concerns in particular

  • Formation of companies (drafting, drafting and – if necessary – notarization of the articles of association, registration of the company in the commercial register).
  • Amendments to the articles of association in all respects, including capital increases and decreases.
  • Transformations (in particular mergers, spin-offs, spin-offs, but also all other transactions under transformation law).
  • Advice on and notarial assistance with the sale of companies
  • Notarization of shareholders’ meetings
  • Drafting, notarization and registration of company agreements
  • Commercial register applications of all kinds

Attorney and notary Dr. Wulf Albach regularly advises a number of companies of various sizes, including stock corporations, on all corporate and other notarial matters.

  • Real Estate Law

Advice on and notarization of all types of real estate transactions, in particular purchase or transfer agreements or land charges.

  • Inheritance law

Advice on and notarization of testamentary dispositions (wills, contracts of inheritance), powers of attorney for precautionary measures.

As a lawyer and also as a notary public, Dr. Albach cooperates – as far as necessary – with other colleagues of the office or also with experienced tax advisors, as far as tax-related or other legal questions outside of his field of activity are concerned. If necessary, he also arranges for appropriate expert advice.


  • Die Einmanngründung der GmbH, Bonn 1986

Areas of expertise