Tenancy, condominium and real estate law

Tenancy law
The rental and leasing of real estate is becoming increasingly important. This includes not only commercial areas such as offices, restaurants, hotels and industrially used areas, but also rooms for living, company housing, company rental apartments and finally agricultural areas.

Nowadays a written lease contract is indispensable. The most important aspect is the content of a rental agreement, which should be individually adapted to each project. Rent and ancillary costs (operating costs) should be specified precisely. In the case of commercial premises, one should also consider how rent and ancillary costs can be adapted to the development of purchasing power.

The rights of the landlord and tenant during the tenancy must also be precisely defined and arranged. This includes renovation, maintenance, aesthetic repairs, changes of use and premature terminations of contracts.

Careful drafting of the tenancy agreement help to avoid disputes, prevent ambiguities from arising at all and determine important legal positions.

Our law firm advises and represents tenants, landlords, leaseholders and lessors in both commercial and private tenancy law. We represent our clients in court throughout Germany and also in the enforcement of court decisions.

We examine whether reduction claims are justified, whether elimination or omission can be demanded, and we exercise the rights of our clients comprehensively in order to find a quick but also economically reasonable solution.

We explain how a rent increase can be enforced and also assert your claims in court.

Real estate, brokerage and condominium law
We advise you comprehensively regarding all issues in connection with the acquisition of a property and its use.

This includes in particular:

Issues relating to the drafting of contracts for the acquisition of real estate, the justification or assertion of broker commissions, disputes between buyers and sellers of used real estate, in particular liability issues, advice on all matters relating to residential property law, in particular support for property management companies as well as disputes between owners.