Labour and service law in Germany is particularly complex for outsiders due to regular law changes and the constantly developing case law. Expert advice is therefore indispensable or at least reasonable ahead of a decision. Preventive advice can often put things on the right track, reduce risks and thus save time and money.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of labour and service law, we can advise and provide out-of-court support in all issues arising in this respect. If a court procedure cannot be avoided, we will also represent you competently and objectively, but with all the necessary vigour.

Our clients in the field of labour law include larger and smaller medium-sized companies, freelancers, small businesses and individual employers. But we also assist board members, managing directors, executives and workers. We represent both employers and employees.

The main areas of our labour law activities include in particular:

Individual labour law

  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing of service and employment contracts, including management contracts. 
    Employment contracts are subject to the law on general terms and conditions for some time. Case law in this area is constantly progressing, so that there is often a need for advice on the content of service and employment contracts.
  • Advice on warnings
    We advise you on how to formulate a warning correctly or how to react correctly to a warning (sometimes no reaction is the best reaction).
  • Advising employers and employees prior to and after terminations, taking into account tax and social law consequences
    The right of termination and protection against dismissal are to a large extent subject to case law and require special experience from which our clients benefit thanks to our decades of experience in this area.
  • Consulting, drafting and implementation of termination and wind-up agreements 
    At all stages of a dispute over the termination of an employment relationship, it makes sense (and is often desired by those involved) to seek amicable solutions, taking into account labour and social law issues.
  • Advice and representation in connection with the termination of employment relationships of managing directors/institutionalrepresentatives
    In such cases, the specifics applicable to institutional representatives as well as company law regulations must be observed.
  • Representation in court, in particular in dismissal protection proceedings 
    We have decades of experience in conducting dismissal protection lawsuits for both employees and employers and represent our clients efficiently and successfully in court proceedings where necessary. However, we also provide our clients with information on the corresponding risks.
  • Advice on part-time work for older employees and company pension schemes 
    These issues are becoming increasingly important. They have to be taken into account when drawing up contracts, but also when terminating employment relationships.
  • Drafting and verification of certificates
    Although usually no „secret language“ is used for certificates, it is necessary to be able to read and judge certificates correctly in order to recognise whether they accurately reflect the employee’s areas of activity as well as the corresponding performance. We also offer advice in this area.

Collective labour law

  • Drafting/negotiating of employment agreements, especially reconciliations of interests and social plans
    We advise and represent in negotiations, which are often conducted intensively in this area.
  • Rights and duties of the works committee
    According to legal specifications, the works committee is an important organ of the works constitution and must be involved in a large number of issues. In some cases, it also has rights to co-determination. We advise members of the works committee and employers on relevant issues.
  • Advice on regulations concerning collective bargaining agreements, in particular on transfers of undertakings.