One main area of our legal and notarial activities focuses on family law.

Statistically, every third marriage gets divorced. At the same time, there are more and more non-marital partnerships. The legal regulations are usually unknown to those involved. This makes it all the more important to inform yourself at the very beginning of such a partnership and, if necessary, to take precautions by means of appropriate contractual arrangements.

Even if such a provision has been made, but especially if it is missing, the parties involved need competent legal support in the event of conflict, e.g., in the case of separation and divorce, in order to avert greater damage.

We provide our clients with legal support in every phase of this personally important and existential phase of life.

Main areas of our activity in the field of family law are:

Marriage contracts
We draw up individual marriage contracts before and during the marriage. These are tailored to the personal situation of our clients, e.g. through a modified joint ownership of the increase in capital value of assets. We also check your marriage contract for effectiveness or give recommendations for the adjustment of a marriage contract in case of changed concepts of husband and wife, e.g. due to a different life plan or a change of case law. We recommend a regular review of the marriage contracts, even during an intact marriage.

Separation and divorce agreements
Prior to a separation or divorce, we advise on all issues that need to be settled and draw up or negotiate a suitable separation and divorce agreement.

Extrajudicial and judicial representation in family matters
We assert our clients‘ rights with regard to alimony, pension adjustment, marital home and household effects quickly and purposefully, represent them in the assertion of custody and visitation rights and accompany them in lengthy and difficult asset disputes. In doing so, we try to find cost-effective and out-of-court solutions in the interest of our clients.

In case an out-of-court settlement should fail or be not expedient for other reasons, we represent our clients in the first and second instance of all family law proceedings and related matters. This may include the assertion of spousal and child support as well as the settlement of matrimonial property regimes, household effects, family homes and compensation for pension claims.

We also represent our clients in contentious disputes concerning the handling and custody of their legitimate and illegitimate children.

We also submit expert opinions on the prospects of success of proceedings not conducted by us. If a „second opinion“ is needed, we will examine your case and issue a statement.

International family law
In the field of family and inheritance law we are active nationally as well as internationally. If a foreign law applies, we cooperate with experts in this field of law.

Care, health care proxy and living will
We provide support on issues relating to guardianship law and draw up health care proxies and living wills.