Commercial and corporate law

Corporate law is first and foremost statutory law. In this area, the legislator regularly contributes to a lively development through a multitude of new laws, especially in the field of company law. In this area, too, the continuing influence of case law is significant. As a result, structures that were correct and permissible years ago can now lead to considerable risks for companies and their shareholders.

Our decades of experience in the field of corporate law, combined with consistent further training, enable us to advise and support our clients in all areas of corporate law. The focus of our activities as attorneys is on the drafting of „made to measure“ company agreements. This applies in particular to partnerships and commercial partnerships, but also to limited liability companies and stock corporations. Our legal activities also include the review of articles of association and partnership agreements, but also representation in all corporate litigations. Finally, we assist our clients in the sale and acquisition of companies. But we deal with many other matters relating to corporate law as well.

Our notary’s office provides services in the formation of corporations (in particular limited liability companies and public limited liability companies), in case of capital increases or reductions, but also in all other amendments to the articles of association. We provide notarial support for all transactions in the field of corporate restructuring law (mergers, divisions, asset transfers and changes of legal form) and record shareholders‘ meetings.

We carry out all types of commercial register entries and prepare corresponding drafts.

Our clients include medium-sized companies as well as large group companies.