Ann-Kathrin Kiefer

Member of the Frankfurt/Main Bar Association
Member of the German Lawyers Association


  • Year of birth: 1987 
  • Law studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany 
  • Areas of study: Family and inheritance law, international private and procedural law 
  • First bar exam: 2014
  • Legal clerkship at Darmstadt Regional Court 
  • Second bar exam: 2017 
  • Currently completion of course for specialist lawyer in family law
  • Admission to the bar: 2017 

Thematic priorities:

Since joining the office, I have been primarily focused on family law. My legal practice covers all aspects in this specific area. In particular, I advise and represent my clients in the following areas:

Matrimonial law

  • marriage contracts
  • separation, divorce and dissolution of civil unions or     marriages
  • separation agreements and agreements on the    consequences of divorce
  • separation support and post-marital support
  • marital home and household effects
  • pension rights adjustment
  • apportionment of assets and liabilities
  • accrual

protection against violence

Law concerning the rights of children

  • child support
  • parental custody
  • surrender of the child
  • handling

Law of non-marital cohabitation

  • apportionment of assets and liabilities
  • maintenance claims of the child and the child’s mother

My legal practice also extends to international family law. In cases with international implications, I advise my clients in particular on the following issues:

  • applicable law
  • options for applicable law
  • competent courts

If German courts are competent in your case and German law is applicable, I will represent you in all areas of family law.

A further focus of my legal activities relates to traffic law. In this context I advise and represent my clients in the field of civil   traffic law.          This particularly involves the handling of traffic      accidents, whereby I assist in asserting claims against insurance companies. I provide support on billing modalities (fictitious billing on the basis of expert opinions or concrete    billing) and verify all individual damage items. Material damages    may include repair costs, decrease in value, total loss, expert       costs, loss of use and rental car costs. In turn, personal injuries include compensation for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and housekeeping damages.

I also advise and represent my clients in general civil law, in particular in the following areas: sale of goods law, tenancy law, general contract law, law of general terms and conditions.

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