Administrative law

Our advice in public law matters is highly valued. For many years, the Handbook for Commercial Law Firms JUVE has highlighted our specialist knowledge in administrative law. Accordingly, the JUVE Handbook 2007/2008 states: Attorney Dr. Klaus Berghäuser „is regarded as an expert above all in the support of the public sector. For example, he represents local authorities or cities in connection with major infrastructure projects“. The JUVE Handbook 2009/2010 states the following: „In his broad spectrum of advice, Berghäuser’s focus on public law is particularly respected by competitors and clients“. Accordingly, the JUVE manuals in recent years have classified Dr. Klaus Berghäuser as one of the „frequently recommended lawyers“. In 2017 Dr. Klaus Berghäuser was awarded the „Legal Award“ by the Lawyer Monthly Magazine in the category „Administrative and Public Law – Law Firm of the Year – Germany“. In addition to Dr. Klaus Berghäuser, Dr. Thomas Berg is also highly regarded as a specialist lawyer for administrative law in Southern Hesse and advises several municipalities, among other thing in the field of public law. Our expertise in administrative law has long been in demand not only from local authorities, but also from companies, associations and citizens.

Public building law
We advise clients and represent them towards the building supervisory authority, especially if their application for an outline building permit or a building permit is rejected. We also frequently assist owners of neighbouring properties who feel that their rights have been impaired by a building project. A further focus of our legal activities in public building law is the support of development plan proceedings as well as the representation of municipalities in constitutional law cases or building permit disputes. We are also involved in the drafting and review of urban development contracts.

Environmental law, contaminated sites and immission control
Within the scope of environmental law, we concentrate primarily on the areas of immission control law, contaminated site issues, waste law and nature conservation law. We advise our clients in particular in connection with obtaining permits under environmental law – in particular under immission control law – as well as in environmental issues and problems arising in connection with the licensing and operation of plants. We also provide legal advice on contamination and environmental damage. Finally, we ensure that our clients are protected from unacceptable noise and odour nuisances as well as from expropriations and restrictions on use, e.g., through the designation of land and nature reserves.

Water law and water association law
We advise on all matters relating to water law and water association law. Among other things, we represent our clients in proceedings to obtain a water law permit or approval, but we have also been dealing with legal issues in the field of water association law for many years. An important focus is on the law governing the organisation of associations as well as membership disputes.

Municipal law and municipal commercial law
We advise and represent local authorities in citizens‘ petitions and decisions, disputes between governing bodies, challenging of elections, issues relating to public institutions as well as compulsory connection and use. In connection with the economic activities of local authorities, we support them in the formation of companies, associations and cooperations. We also represent municipal enterprises in the extrajudicial and judicial defence of third party claims under competition law.

Economic administrative law
Our expertise in the field of economic administrative law extends to trade law, restaurant trade law, crafts law, the law of independent professions and subsidy law. We mainly represent medium-sized companies from the trade, service and craft sectors, as well as companies and freelancers such as doctors, pharmacists and architects.

Sectoral planning law (construction of roads, railways and airports)
In this area, we mainly represent those negatively affected by sectoral planning. Our range of clients includes, in particular, public bodies such as municipalities, but also companies and private individuals who wish to defend themselves against the construction and extension of roads, railways and airports.

Civil service law
We advise and represent civil servants and judges in disputes with their employer, in particular in so-called status matters such as competitor disputes. We also assist with legal protection against secondments and transfers.